Getting Started at the VCC -- Curling 101


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Curling is a game where most players officiate themselves, so some of the basic points below help ensure everyone has an enjoyable game.

  • Clean footwear must be worn at all times in the ice shed and on areas leading to the ice shed. On the way to the ice shed, step on the sticky mats (located at the doors to the ice).
  • Leagues generally have a two-hour league time slot per game. To complete a game within that time limit (without delay), the next curler in the hack should be ready to throw when it is your turn.
  • After each end, the third on the scoring team marks the points for the end on the scoreboard.
  • Stones that are touched (aka: burned) between the hog lines are automatically removed from play. Stones that are touched after the far hog line are allowed to come to rest and the non-offending skip may:
    • Leave everything as is;
    • Remove the touched stone and return all displaced stones to their original positions; or
    • Place all the stones where they would have come to rest had the delivered stone not been touched.
  • Spares should have a skill level appropriate to your division's level of play, and may only deliver lead or second stones.