2014 Charity Skins -- Recipients


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The successes of past skins bonspiels have enabled the VCC to contribute in excess of $37,000 (from 1997-2013) to help support charitable work in the community.

To be eligible for support from the Barry Naimark Chairty Skins, the charity must be local, have a personal connection to at least one club member, and be an organization for whom a donation of approx. $3-6,000 can make an impact.


2014 Charity Recipient

The 2014 Skins will be the first of two years of support provided to Pets and Friends. Pets and Friends provides and promotes the healing comfort and companionship of animals. Helping people across Metro Vancouver since 1982, the charity's highly effective pet visitation program touches the lives of more than 15,000 people in over 200 long-term care facilities across the Lower Mainland.


Past Charity Recipients

The charities that have been chosen for support are done so by nomination from the Club’s membership and through approval by the Board of Directors. Each selected charity receives two years of support. The following list showcases the charities that have received support to date: