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Learn about curling in a small group with a dedicated coach!

Starting March 16th, we will be running a five-week introductory program for beginners looking to learn about all aspects of the game. You will be placed in a small group of eight curlers and paired with an experienced coach for a series of eight weeks. Start out learning the basics of throwing rocks and progress to sweeping, team communication and game strategy! The eight weeks will comprise of on-ice instruction (60%), off-ice strategy talk (10%), and mini game time (30%).

This program will run Sundays from 9pm-11pm. There are ONLY eight spots available for each group, so sign up now!

Dates: March 16, March 23, March 30, April 6, April 13

Program Cost: $69 + GST

Cost includes broom, gripper and slider rental



Our introductory level clinics will cover all the basic fundamentals to get beginners acquainted with curling. From basic rules and techniques to beginner strategy and etiquette, the Basic Skills Clinics are perfect if you are about to embark on your first or second season of curling. No previous experience is necessary.

During the pre-season, our Basic Skills Clinics take place over two nights. We also offer a mid-season abridged version for those newer curlers looking to brush up on their skills and technique and/or those who are new and filling in for the remainder of the season.


The newest clinic at the VCC, the Beyond the Basics Clinics, will fill the gap between those starting out and those not quite ready for the intermediate level. This clinic format is designed for those people who are in their first few years of curling and want to focus on fundamental techniques. Regardless of experience level, this clinic is designed to refresh and reinforce the important fundamentals of delivering a curling stone.

In order to attend this clinic you must have basic knowledge and understanding of the sport, but can still be in your first year of playing. We will be offering two Beyond the Basics Clinics during the season and both will cover roughly the same topics to help ingrain the important aspects of delivering a rock. The two Beyond the Basics clinic dates are:


Our highest clinic level for the 2013-2014 season is designed for the experienced curler; those with a minimum of three years of experience and who are comfortable with all the curling terms and techniques. For all of the Intermediate Clinics clinic participants must be able to perform a controlled, balanced slide delivery . This ensures everyone attending has a strong grasp of the basic fundamentals and we can utilize the clinic time to focus on the specific, more advanced techniques.

The first set of Intermediate Clinics took place during the pre-season and covered the fundamental techniques of the delivery to help refresh any experienced curler.

The next series of Intermediate Clinics will focus on both technical on-ice skill development as well as the psychological aspects of the game. The in-season schedule is:

  • Saturday, February 22 from 4:30pm-6:30pm
  • This clinic will allow curlers to focus on the aspect of the game that they would like to work on. Stations will be set up to allow curlers to focus on: Delivery, Sweeping & Team Communication, and Game Strategy.

Costs for our clinics vary so please have a look at each clinic’s page (linked on the dates above) for more information. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email Christopher Ordog, Manager of Membership Services.